How To Make Money As A Kid

Everyone knows that the younger generation is more tech-savvy than others. Most kids have been using mobile phones since they were able to hold things in their hands. You can make some extra cash by charging to provide some tech help. The best way to do this is to advertise your services online or pick up odd jobs on Fiverr.

How To Make Money As A Kid (Age 6 And Up) - When can you start teaching your kids about money

How To Make Money As A Kid

My parents did a pretty good job of teaching my brothers and me financial responsibility. But, I learned as an adult that there were actually quite a few gaps in my financial knowledge base. As parents, we can only teach what we know. So, if there is something I don’t know about finances and money, I am much more tenacious in my education now.

How To Make Money As A Kid (Age 6 And Up) - In-person ways to make money as a kid

For younger kids, ages six and up, making money can be a little more difficult. But, most kids have a fantastic social media network to pull from. And they have their parents to back them up and help them find money-making opportunities.

  • Babysit. If your child is interested in babysitting even at the age of 10-12, then you, as the parent, can help find them babysitting gigs through your friends and neighbors. That way you are comfortable with the house your child will be left alone at. Sometimes what is needed is a mother’s or father’s helper so your child would not even necessarily be alone.
  • Create a yard sale. Helping your kids go through their old clothes, shoes, and toys is a great way to help your kid make money. Have them set up a yard sale and whatever money they make they get to keep.
  • Have your kids work for your small business. If you are self-employed and have any tasks your children can help you with, then you can pay them to do so. The tasks can vary by age. But even younger children can help with things such as sorting and shredding mail.
  • Organize people’s stuff. If your 11 or 12-year-old child has an eye for organizing, then they may be able to offer this service to others. You’ll need to help them find people that will let them organize for them, with your assistance, of course.
  • Walk dogs. Walking dogs is something that most kids love doing, and most adults could use help with. Plus, if the two of you can do it together, then you both get some fresh air and exercise also.
  • Wash cars. If your child is younger, they can offer to wash the neighbor’s cars. Once they get older and can legally work with a work permit, some car washes might be willing to hire them.
  • Water plants. Help your child find families that are vacationing, work long hours, or are elderly and just could use a helping hand with their plants.
  • Yard work. Yard work is something most of us need help with regularly. If you are willing to loan out your yard equipment to your kids, then this could be a great money-making opportunity for them in your neighborhood. Not to mention, it’s just easy money.
  • Making jewelry. This activity gets to bring out the creativity in both you and your child. There are so many different ways to approach making jewelry, that the sky is almost the limit with what you can come up with together.
  • Selling t-shirts. Designing and selling t-shirts together has never been easier than it is today. You don’t need a graphic designer and a screen printer anymore. There are plenty of websites geared towards creating your own t-shirts, marketing them, and selling them such as Shopify , Zazzle , Teespring , CafePress , and more.
  • Become a product flipper to their peers. One of my stepchildren has been flipping candy and shoes to his school and neighborhood peers. If your child has a good eye for a deal, then this may be a good money-making option for them.

Online ways to make money as a kid

If your child is more digitally savvy, then they may be more inclined to find ways to make money online instead. Either way, your child should ask your permission before they embark on ways to make money. Since they are minors, they need parental permission to engage in these activities.

  • Take online surveys. I love taking online surveys and so do my kids! These can be a lot of fun, and since the kids are on their devices more often than not, they might as well be making some money at the same time. Some of our favorite online survey sites are Swagbucks and Opinion Outpost.
  • Create illustrations. If your child likes to create illustrations, then they could make some money with this skill. Get them a decent illustrating tablet and intuitive software (I suggest Clip Studio Paint Pro) and they will be on their way. A great website to have them set up a portfolio on is Deviantart .
  • Make crafts or jewelry to sell online. If your child loves to create jewelry and crafts, then selling them online may be a great way for them to make money as a kid. The most popular website for things of this nature currently is Etsy .
  • Make YouTube videos. Our kids today are technology savvy, right? YouTube is a platform where some decent money can be made if your child loves to create videos. A lot of kids have been creating videos specifically for YouTube to get the point of making money. For example, kids can be product testers and make videos of them testing out products from different companies. Even if your kid just wants to make videos talking about particular subjects (video games, how-to-videos, etc.), they can place ads in their videos to start generating income. As a parent, however, you should be monitoring this money-making avenue closely.
  • Sell their old stuff online. There are many different platforms for your kids to sell their old stuff online. Some of our favorites are eBay , Facebook Marketplace , Craigslist , Poshmark, and Amazon .
  • Start a blog. If your child loves to write, starting a blog at a young age could potentially help your kids get to the point of monetization by the time they could really use it. Writing a blog can be a lot of fun, but it can take a while to start making money with a blog. So this could be more of a longer-term goal that kids can grow into over the years.
  • Start taking photographs. Taking photographs can be a great way to put your child’s hobby to good use. Some of the best sites that might be willing to pay them for their photographs are EyeEm , Foap, and Scoopshot .
  • Streaming. If your child is already big into watching streamed live content, then it may be time for them to start creating their own. Live streaming through Twitch is a great way to get them started.
  • Selling digital goods. Creating an ebook or a course is a great way to begin selling digital goods with very little overhead.
  • Making music. If your child has a musical ear, then this may just be the money-making genre for them. One of the best places to get started is with Spotify .
  • Create games. One of my children is huge into video games and is always coming up with ways for the games to be better. If this sounds like your child, then it may be time to investigate creating their own game and monetize it (trust me, it’s a lot easier than it sounds).
  • App tester. Since most of our kids are very embedded in the digital world, it only makes sense for them to make some money by testing apps. There are quite a few places your child can begin doing this, but two of the best places to get started are with TesterWork and UberTesters .

Make Jewelry

Do you have a penchant for creating jewelry? If so, you could sell your creations online. Platforms like Etsy are filled with handmade goods created by kids and teenagers. Custom woven jewelry and hand-sculpted beads are quite popular online. You can make some extra cash while feeding that creative itch.

With just your phone, you can start a lucrative career as a photographer. Online stocks sites are a dime a dozen. These sites accept almost any kind of photo. Buyers can then purchase the rights to use your photographs on their site. You’ll get paid for every download. With the right portfolio of shots, you can make some good money selling your photos.

To make the big money with stock photography you really need to get a little bit of training. There are loads of photography tutorials / courses / classes that you can attend or watch online. YouTube has a wealth of knowledge on how to take great photos.

How Kids Who Love to Cook Can Make Money

Kids learning how to cook in a cooking class.

Do you have a kid who loves to spend time in the kitchen? There are many ways kids with culinary talent can make money – selling either their creations or helping others learn how to cook or throw a party.

  • Sell baked goods at farmers markets, fairs, etc.: This is a classic way to make money but be sure to check local health laws before preceding.
  • Baking cookies, cupcakes, and making candy during the holidays: Cookies and candy are in high demand during the holidays. Customers will mostly like want to buy them for parties or gifts.
  • Serving food at parties: Caters sometimes need extra staff to serve food during parties.
  • Making jams and jellies: This summertime treat could be sold throughout the year if canned properly.
  • Write a cookbook: Even kids can write cookbooks! And publishing has never been easier with online tools and services.
  • Begin a cooking blog for kids: Blogging can be lucrative once you have enough traffic and pageviews to earn money from advertising.
  • Offer cooking classes for other kids: Classes could be run out of your home during the summer, after school, or during school breaks
  • Sell garden produce: Start a garden and sell the bounty! It could be as easy as setting up a stand at the end of your driveway.
  • Bake pet treats: Pet owners pay large sums on their pets and many would love to give their dogs or cats gourmet treats.

Best Ways To Make Money Online for Older Teens

16. Running Errands

Running errands for people typically requires a driver’s license, so that’s why this is suggested for older teens. However, if you’re willing to play chauffeur, a younger child could also make money doing this. Your child could pick up items from various stores, drop off mail or packages at the post office, pick up or drop off dry cleaning or any number of other things people need to be done.

17. Tutoring

If your older teen is particularly good at a subject, such as math or English, he or she may find there’s money to be made as a tutor. Tutoring opportunities can be found among their peers or even for younger children who live in your neighborhood.

18. Teaching Music Lessons

If your child is musically talented and can teach others the skills of playing an instrument, teaching music lessons could be very lucrative. As long as your child has a lesson plan for each session, follows through with it and gives his or her students instructions for practicing, charging $20 per hour wouldn’t be a stretch.

19. Teaching Cheerleading Lessons

If your teen is skilled at cheerleading, he or she may find an opportunity to teach other aspiring cheerleaders what she knows. Your teen could give individual lessons for an hourly fee or charge a one-time fee for a cheerleading workshop that lasts a few days.

20. Teaching Sports Lessons

While being good at sports does come easier to those with natural talent, there are also plenty of skills that come into play. And if your child is excellent at a certain sport, there’s money to be made. Again, he or she can choose to give individual lessons at an hourly rate or charge a one-time fee for a workshop that covers skills needed for a specific sport.

21. Selling Used Clothes

If your child is a fashionista of sorts or insists on wearing only the best brands, selling used clothing items could help turn a profit. Online community marketplaces could be good places to sell, or you could help them sell their items via your account on eBay.

Note that if your child wants to sell clothes on an online clothing resale platform, like Poshmark, age requirements apply. Your child needs to be over the age of majority in your state of residence to open an account on Poshmark, but you might be able to facilitate the sales for them if they aren’t.

22. Mowing Lawns

Mowing lawns is one of the best ways for kids to make extra money during the summer. Everyone wants a nice-looking yard, but not everyone has the time or the desire to mow their lawn once or twice a week.

But it’s not just a great side hustle — it can also turn into a pretty good business model. If they do a good job, then they could start building up a base of repeat customers. And you can help them advertise their services on social media or in a neighborhood Facebook group.

23. Babysitting

Babysitting is a staple for teens who are looking for ways to make money. Teens can start by spending an hour or two babysitting for a family friend. For instance, your teenager could babysit your neighbor’s kids after school a few days a week.

And as they gain more experience, babysitting can turn into a pretty lucrative gig. According to Sittercity, the national hourly rate for babysitters is $16.50 per hour. However, babysitting does come with a lot of responsibility, and it’s not going to be the right choice for everyone.

24. Taking Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn a little extra money online. Users share their opinions and provide feedback that helps companies build better products and services. But there are age requirements. For example, although Swagbucks will allow users as young as 13, Survey Junkie only allows kids who are at least 16 years old to share their opinions. Your kids can earn points that they can redeem through gift cards or cash for every survey they complete.

25. Blogging

If your kids are naturally very creative and enjoy writing, then they could make money blogging. How much money you make as a blogger will largely depend on the amount of traffic you have come to your website.

3 Ways Kids Can Earn Money Through Blogging:


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