Top 9 Social Media Management Tools for Small Business 2022

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Which Social Media Platforms Should You Use for Your Business?

There’s no longer any question that social media is a necessary marketing tool for every business that wants to remain relevant and visible. In fact, 88% of marketers say that social media has helped increase exposure followed by increasing traffic at 77%. This means that if you’re not using social media to its fullest, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

But getting started can be difficult, and even something as seemingly simple as choosing a social platform can be more complicated than you’d think. There are many social networks out there and choosing your channels and creating a strategy can be daunting. But, the good news is that you can start by narrowing it down to the most popular and widely used platforms.

Hootsuite – Best for solo users

Most small businesses rely on one person to run their social media, sometimes whilst also doing many other jobs. And for your money, Hootsuite is the best platform for a single user. Just like Zoho, Hootsuite offers unlimited posts and scheduling, all for a very fair price. The free plan is certainly worth considering – it allows you to queue up to 30 posts at a time, which may be more than enough.

For small businesses, we recommend the professional tier at $25 per month. While it only supports a single user, the scheduling limit is removed, and the number of social profiles is raised from three to ten – which should be more than enough to cover a small business’s needs. You’ll also be able to analyze your demographics, look at a calendar of your pipeline, and see a compiled inbox.

You’ll have to reach for higher tiers to make the most of the engagement or analytic functions (of which there are many), but for a solo user starting out and looking to get a grip on the basics, Hootsuite is a great option.

Hootsuite Pricing

Hootsuite Home

Hootsuite Analytics Facebook

Sendible – Best for functionality

If you’re someone who likes to spend hours tinkering with all the different options, Sendible is a good move for you. They have a $25 tier that offers you some pretty important functions, like send time optimization, inbox message tagging, and listening for Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re looking for a platform that will supercharge your marketing and support rapid expansion, Sendible’s Growth tier is what you need. It’s not cheap at $170 permonth, but on top of the limitless scheduling (which comes with every plan) and 300 posts per day, you also get the following features:

We’ll cut the list there, but there are a lot more features on offer. A lot of their functions are not offered by other competitors on this list, so if you’re looking for the most kitted-out platform, Sendible is the one for you.

Sendible Pricing

Sendible: social listening

Sendible Engage

Bring it all together to form your social media strategy

Now that you know what social platforms businesses use to attain their goals, you can start planning what social channels to use to set social presence and what content to post to deliver an exceptional customer experience, building relationships with your audience while achieving your marketing goals.

It’s important to note that you should always be adapting to the latest information you’ve learned. Every time you post to social media, for instance, you learn more about your customers. These insights should be constantly shaping your tactics and pushing your efforts towards greater success.

For some businesses, success on social media takes months—even years! But if you’re committed to learning from your past experiences and applying those insights to future strategies, you’ll have no problem conquering social media marketing.


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